Friday, 17 May 2019

A Wild Time Swinging

In all my seven years with my excellent Mistress Maggie, one thing has become an annual ritual at this time of year. The plum catsuit I was instructed to bring was somewhat of a give away. Each time I wear it I seem to end up flying round the Playroom and today, once more, it was to be the Flight of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

My little green friends.
Maggie started the session by kicking me in the teeth, literally! It was when I was worshipping her low pointed shoes. I moved at the wrong time while she was crossing her legs and caught her movement full face. Of course it was my fault. Of course it didn't hurt and of course Mistress had no cause to apologise; it says so in her rule book. Rules after all are rules and I continued, undamaged, with my worship.

I was soon fitted into the suit before being assisted into the heavy leather suspension harness. Maggie paid particular attention to tight shoulder straps, tight crotch strap, tight waist strap and a tight cock strap on which she clipped a rein. Once I was attached to the overhead gantry, one by one, each foot was clamped to a spreader bar behind me and I was left happily flying. As I swung to and fro Mistress smiled that wonderful smile and said I could enjoy a wild time swinging but it would be wise to avoid any nettles, as, in the event that I got stung it was inevitable that she’d be landed with the job of sorting me out.

With momentum provided by Mistress, I was swinging freely and very happily, when, as if by magic, this pot of rather unruly stingers appeared and were strategically placed between my pinioned legs.

It is bloody hard to avoid nettles when you are being swung backwards and forwards by an attached cock lead straight into their path. Maggie was amused saying ‘I warned you to keep away from the nettles slave!’

After the initial stinging sensation the stings turned to a pleasant tingling, and I smiled at my beautiful Mistress and tried to swing even more vigorously through the little green friends. I felt like a kid again and was having an excellent swing, but I must have either swooned with pleasure or fainted, because the next thing I knew Mistress was in front of me holding a mask over my mouth, administering her magic reviving gas. It was strange, I felt no way unwell and was very eager to carry on.

Once back on the ground I was stripped of my rubber catsuit and told to give myself a good towelling down. Feeling fully refreshed and revitalised I was dusted with talcum and taken to the Clinic to have my nettle itch seen to, then with my arms crossed across my chest I was sealed into a latex upper body-bag. It was a little tight at first, I am a fat slave after all, but once in and zipped up it is most comfortable, albeit a most restrictive garment to wear. ‘It's for your own good slave, to stop you scratching your itchy cock and balls’ , said Maggie and my rubber patient look was further complimented with the addition of a stripy translucent hood.

Deep Heat cock and balls
Before I knew it, Maggie was removing all the itchy nettle spores with a piece of gaffer tape and had gently completed a full sterile catheter insertion, so that I was ready for other remedies that might be required. I know I have mentioned it before but Maggie really is good with those catheters!

Mistress moved her latex hand along my cock and balls. ‘Do they still itch slave?’ Of course I said yes, because hopefully it would mean more cock and ball treatment from a very beautiful, if perhaps a little sadistic rubber nurse. Not that it would have made any difference if I’d said no, because Maggie was clearly intent on teaching me a lesson after messing about in her nettle crop.

‘I have cream that might help with rashes’, she said. Ah! - The application of her anti-inflammatory lotion sounded very soothing. I was on a winner here, until I caught the briefest of glimpses through my latex hood and spotted what I recognised as a tube of Deep Heat. Followed by the feel of its liberal application all over my cock and balls.

That should stop me scratching.
This is a truly insidious treatment for nettle rash. What starts off as a wonderfully soothing experience slowly turns to torture as the effects of the cream gradually 'warm up' your bits. I managed increasing amounts of deep heat for as long as I could to please my nurse, but eventually the extreme hotness was becoming unbearable and I whimpered to Maggie that I couldn't cope.

Fortunately, after returning from a quick trip to the bathroom to fetch a bowl of water, a good soapy wash resulted in a rapid cooling and calming of my suffering appendage. I didn't know that you could nullify the effects by washing off the cream. You learn something every day!

As I said, Mistress really cares for her patients and wanted to help prevent me from aggravating my itchy balls by scratching them. ‘No worries’ Maggie reassured me ‘I have an alternative treatment’.

Out from the medical cupboard came the adhesive bandage. I couldn't see much if anything, but could feel Mistress doing a thorough job with the bandages producing yet another very pleasant feeling. Round and round, then a gentle squeeze, making sure the bandage was well attached and doing its job. Even a thoughtful steel band was assembled and padlocked in place round the balls, to ensure that they didn't manage to wheedle their way out of their bindings.

Nurse Maggie conducted a final inspection of my nettle affected area, and despite my cock and balls being heavily bandaged she believed I would benefit from some other precautionary measures.

What self respecting slave is going to turn down another opportunity to have his dangly, or now not so dangly bits administered to by a beautiful nurse? I almost did when I saw the size of the syringes she was preparing and her reasoning for doing so. ‘I think an antihistamine jab is in order.’ 

And so it was that my final treatment for nettle stings was administered. Three medicated syringes were inserted into my lower abdomen, their needles pointing towards my bandaged cock as Nurse Maggie slowly injected the contents.

I wish all nurses were so good and caring as I really felt no more than three small pricks as the needles went in. On the other hand Maggie had just the one prick to deal with, albeit a much larger and heavily bandaged one by now. I am most pleased to say that both nurse and her nettle stung patient were happy with the session outcome.

A rather painful unravelling of the very sticky bandage from my genitals brought the annual jamboree to a close. I was delighted that Mistress Maggie had continued the nettling ceremony, delighted that I had survived for another year and thankful that I am lucky enough to be owned by a most beautiful rubber nurse who knows how best to treat her patients.

I am already looking forward to the next event and will even attempt to cultivate a few nettles, away from sight, behind the . . .

Friday, 10 May 2019

A Rubbery Day

‘Looking forward to a rubbery day.’ - That is all the information Mistress Maggie provided for today's session. On the one hand it seemed pretty straight forward, as Mistress knows my liking for latex, but on the other hand the possibilities were endless so I gave up trying to work out any form of rubber scenario. Oh well, I will do what I always do and trust my Mistress and go with the flow, it’s always worked well for me and I have never been disappointed in all my previous 165 sessions.

The rubbery theme got off to an absolutely spectacular start. Maggie greeted me at the Chambers door in her stunning black catsuit that fits her so perfectly, adorned with a new silver chained belt. I am always gobsmacked by the stunning beauty of my Mistress, and this spectacular yet simple ensemble ranks as one of the most stunning.

In the Playroom the rubber theme continued, starting with the lovely rubber smell. The latex covered bed had been prominently positioned in the centre of the room, while nearby, a thick rubber sleepsack was hanging idly on its hanger waiting to greet its next incumbent, me I hoped.

One stud at a time!
Mistress asked if I had my black shorts in my rubber kit bag and seemed disappointed when I said they weren’t there. I had noticed an open seam in them, so had left them at home waiting for a repair. Luckily the disappointment was short lived, because after a good rummage around in the bag I uncovered another pair, virtually identical but in charcoal rather than black. That 'foresight' was a sign of my excellent training, as worshipping Mistress requires that you are ready for anything. On this occasion I was!

Without further ado I was sent to the bathroom, quickly returning wearing my slave collar, latex socks, gloves and newly found shorts, and diving into a prostrate position at her feet I set about worshipping Maggie's shiny studded boots. As was her desire, Mistress had rationalised the worship regime and I was to concentrate my worshipping skills on the brass studs down each boot. Moving my tongue in square shapes I busily licked, kissed and cleaned each one until every stud had received equal attention.

Today Mistress left my normal butt plug on the counter, choosing an inflatable one from her own collection instead. She carefully covering it with a condom and shoved it where the sun don’t shine. There was no way of guessing where my owner was taking me, but the next move was to lie on the bed where Mistress shackled my hands to the bed-head. This could have been a wonderful development but it turned out to be quite painful. Mistress is still intent on continuing my nipple training in order to make them more playful, and after a few questions about what I had done to improve them since my last session she bent over to see how they were progressing. Her focus turned on the ‘misbehaving’ left one, which she gripped between her finger and thumb and began twisting, stretching and generally making life a little uncomfortable for it.

A beautifully cruel image of my Mistress lifting my left nipple
It was only when I started begging for mercy that she moved onto my right nipple, to demonstrate the softer delights a ‘behaving’ nipple can receive. Stretch, pinch and nasty twist etc on the left, then gentle caresses and teasing to the right one; oh the pain and pleasure Mistress can concurrently administer. Strangely, after all her pulling, which almost had me lifted by my left nipple, planting a serrated toothed clamp on my bud was almost a relief, and for a fleeting moment I actually started to enjoy that different sensation. But what a relief when Maggie announced that she had finished my nipple training for now, though not without getting that final unexpected twist in before moving on to her next interesting slave game.

It has been a while since Maggie’s stainless steel Humbler has been deployed on me, but I was sure I just received another glimpse of it as a shiny silver thing moved across my line of sight. My fears were confirmed when I heard the distinctive rattling noises of Mistress dismantling it, followed by the touch of cold steel as all of its various parts were reassembled like a Meccano kit around my cock and balls. One thing I can say for the super Humbler is that it was more relaxing having my nuts fixed in its vice like grip than having a left nipple so brutally abused.

Once the Humbler was secured, then comes the delicate bit of assuming the best position for wearing it. Oh yes! - on your knees, device at the back and do not try to stand up, that's why its called a humbler! To achieve a more uplifting and tighter fit against my thighs Mistress added a rope reign  to keep the stainless steel arms snugly in place. Thoughtful as ever towards her slaves suffering knees, Maggie casually tossed over the knee pads and suggested I might need to put them on, so it was quite an interesting predicament putting those on myself.

Just as well I did. I was instructed to kneel on all fours and with a lead attached I was taken for a very quick walk first round the Playroom, along the corridor to the bathroom, then another quick walk back to the Playroom. There the ball stretcher was adjusted until my balls were stretched far enough to make contact with the waiting spikes. The pump tube dangled through the zip of my shorts and every now and then, Maggie would give it a squeeze or two to help fill that space left vacant by my own missing plug.

I probably shouldn't say this but it is a nice experience being walked, and with the fast dashing exercises over and my balls fully stretched the walk returned to a normal pace. Maggie would stop occasionally, reign me in and have me kneel to attention with my masked face close to her thighs, so close I could feel her warmth through the two layers of latex. Definitely much better than being lifted off the bed by my left nipple!

I may be an old dog but I'm a puppy at heart when with my Mistress. Maybe I am also odd, but I genuinely enjoy being Maggie’s pet dog, even when I am walked with my balls stretched to spiking point I like being her pet. However, we are not here for slaves’ gratification and we were soon moving towards the more 'rubbery' elements of Maggie's plans. Firstly and very carefully, I had to manoeuvre into the ideal position to facilitate the removal of the humbler, then it was a simple matter of Maggie unlocking it, de-spiking my balls and using the allen key to remove the rest of the ironmongery.

I was feeling quite warm by now and after a drying down Maggie had to use quite a bit of talc to help squeeze me into my catsuit, making sure the tube from the butt plug was safely through the crotch zip. The slumbering sleep sack was finally woken ready to consume yet another very willing victim. Its jaws gaped large as Maggie guided her slave inside, legs right down to the feet, arms right into the attached mitts, zip opened at crotch for the butt plug tube, and finally the long slow pulling of the zipper enclosed her slave in a second rubber layer.

When the system mask came out it seemed that Mistress was going to keep her promise of giving me a second go at the rather heavy bondage and breathplay scene that we had to abandon a while ago, because I had a bad bout of catarrh. ‘Are you sure you are well enough to handle this mask today slave?’. A question that I could quickly and very enthusiastically confirm.

Care and attention from a very careful owner.
The bondage continued, though this time I was not given the heavy body harness, instead I had a stout  leather corset wrapped round me and Maggie was pulling really hard on all the straps to make it as tight as possible before my arms were strapped to it. My legs were bound with an ankle strap making me behave like a skittle, I could have just toppled onto the bed I suppose, but Maggie chose to help me hobble there and once safely seated the two parts of the system mask could be assembled on me.

Mistress was making absolutely certain that there would not be a repeat of last time, allowing me plenty of time to get used to breathing through its hoses. Everything was going well, except for my vision which was misting up at a rate of knots. It’s a frequent problem, gas masks are always misting up and obscuring the view of my beautiful Mistress, but this time Mistress said, ‘I’ve got something for that! Stay there, I’ll be back’. Two minutes and a couple of squirts on the inside of the lenses later, and hey presto, my vision was brilliantly restored. It whiffs a bit but the smell soon goes.

Once on the bed Mistress was getting handy with the straps again, binding up my legs with more of her leather. No choice but to lie back and like it, no way I was going anywhere. Actually I really love that feeling of total dependence and control by my Mistress, more so when I can feel the size of my butt plug increasing, just like it was now! That was my life for the next 45 minutes or so as Mistress introduced additional challenges to my already wonderful situation.

A very happy and relaxed slave.
I was left for a few moments to acclimatise to my new view of the world and to wearing the system mask before Maggie introduced aromas, gently squeezing on her hand pump and sending the intoxicating vapours into my breathing circuit. More acclimatisation to the aromas and I was quietly floating away when I sensed Maggie was readying the bubble bottle. Right next to my ear I could hear the delicate tinkle of Mistresses juice falling on plastic, the aromas were working as I could almost feel the fresh warmth of her nectar as it poured into the bubble bottle and I was made to inhale it. Only a couple of adjustments and it was travelling through the pipes and I was happily bubbling away, and yes, I could taste my Mistress as my air bubbled through her pee . . .

It is such a wonderful experience when Mistress comes fleetingly into view through the lenses, but probably the most sensual part of this confinement was the gentlest of caresses on my rubber encased body. Mistress didn't need to do this, after all I wasn't going anywhere, yet the very act of a gentle touch or a smile really sets my mind at rest, knowing I am in the safe hands of a caring Mistress and that I would do anything for this wonderful lady. . . and I could swear my butt plug just got a bit bigger!

I was pleased Maggie took the time to for me to get comfortable in the system mask and I think Maggie was too. It was the longest period I have enjoyed in this situation but all beautiful things come to a natural conclusion. The butt plug must have been enormous by the time we finished, yet it remained comfortable deep inside. I have just experienced another wonderful session with my Mistress and loved every minute of it. Even the nipping, once you survive, which I always do, leaves me with a wonderfully sensitive nipple and a reminder of my wonderfully sensitive Mistress Maggie.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Carpet Burn

Before any of you think I have been indulging in the Urban Dictionary’s definition of ‘carpet burn’, perhaps I should enlighten you as to what really happened. I was invited into The Chambers by Mistress Maggie, and after admiring the red and white latex nurse uniform that she was sexily wearing we made our way to The Playroom, where I was sent to the bathroom to prepare for the session by returning in just my latex socks and gloves.

As usual, when I re-entered and took my place at the feet of my Mistress, there was a period of devotion and worship where I paid homage to the footwear of the day. In this case a rather nice pair of white leather knee boots. During our chatter Maggie mentioned that she had needed to undo a seam and redo the boots to make them a slimmer fit. (What a talented lady my Mistress is.)

An incredibly sensual flogging
Anyway, back to the carpet burn which can only have been caused by friction as I spun around on Maggie’s oriental rug with great gusto, searching for any uncleaned corners and predominantly kissing the boots as instructed in my haste to please. At the time it didn't register that I would need to comment about carpet burn, but I have spent quite a few days nursing it now and mentally reliving the events of day. Incidentally, the Urban Dictionary’s explanation of a carpet burn is strictly forbidden in Maggie’s Chambers!

Maggie fitted me into a very comfortable gas mask, attached the aroma delivery hose then sealed the whole lot in place with an open latex face hood, a few pumps later and I was floating away while Maggie gloved up and inserted four fingers up my bum. After that, insertion of my plug was very easy and would be kept in place once I was sealed in my thick latex catsuit.

That thick latex suit effectively deadened the blows from Mistresses new flogger as she handcuffed one of my hands to her throne, and not for the first time, she began swinging her whip, giving me another of her thorough sensual floggings.

The regular doses of aromas I was receiving had me buzzing, I felt a natural need to dance and stick out my backside to encourage Mistress to flog me harder. There is something surreal about Mistress very sexily moving to the music and having her whip tails sliding over my latex body, landing on my back and whipping my ass. I know Maggie was giving a light flogging but even the sound of the thwacks against the taught rubber across my buttocks, balls and cock was mind blowingly exciting. Although Maggie had deliberately left my right hand free so I could pump aromas if I wanted, I preferred not to do so, as I was overdosing already with the high I was feeling from the flogging.

A tug on the chain certainly gets a slaves attention
As we continued our dancing Mistress took charge of my air intake, heightening the tension each time she placed my breathing tube against her stunning breasts and depriving me of air for short periods. Maggie was laughing and it is reputed that I danced far better after those temporary breathtaking moments.

As much as I did not want our dance to end, it did, and Mistress went on to change my gas mask for a more regular latex number. It was important to Mistress that her chosen mask had suitable nose holes and I soon found out the reason why when a nose chain was screwed onto me. Note: make sure it is high inside the nose otherwise you will be in severe discomfort.

Once her slave was firmly secured by the nose I was led through to the Clinic for further pleasures. With an order for me to kneel, Maggie made herself comfortable on the couch and placed her legs in the stirrups. I was then instructed to remove her boots and replace them with a glossy thigh high pair with striking platform heels. I have attended to Mistress’ footwear before and remembered to line her foot up with the boot and gently push on the heel to ease it in place.

Pulling on the chain and guiding my nose towards her long white boots Mistress told me to begin worship. ‘Boots only slave’. I needed all of my slave training and the pull on the nose chain to help me concentrate on my task rather than Maggie’s exposed private parts. That really was a trial for a red blooded slave, but I have been well trained and only needed one sharp word accompanied by a torturous tug on the nose chain to bring me back in line.

Next came a little plastic play. Well perhaps more than just a little; it was my turn to be supine on the couch. Breathing through plastic with all my limbs confined in plastic splints I was strapped down for the remainder. Finally the contents of the calling email I’d received from Mistress made absolute sense -

‘Your rubber nurse will be getting you hooked on worship and floating on air, in the best possible rubber way’.

The plastic hood is incredibly comfortable to wear. I could breathe easily and thankfully I could still gaze at my incredibly attractive nurse as she prepared for the next phase of my training.

During a recent session Mistress had been disappointed that she'd been unable to continue stretching my asshole, mainly because my ass was just not up to it that day, but  promised ,’it can wait until another day’. Maggie had indicated earlier in this session that she intended to get a whole hand inside me by the end of the session. To help relax and sedate her patient my nurse prescribed more aromas. Amazingly the anaesthetic mask fitted perfectly over the plastic hood, tightening the plastic over my mouth and allowing virtually unhindered breathing whenever my medicine was being given.

Maggie whispered that the time was right to get a whole hand inserted inside me, then with her mischievous laugh announced that I would be playing party to her latest experiment. She explained how she would be fitting a latex glove up my bum before filling it up with an appropriate amount of her piss, describing how it might feel as the fingers begin to inflate, tenderly tickling my innards in the process. Oh, I do love to have Mistress experiment with me in this way and expected slight changes to her arrangement before she was completely satisfied.

An anal plug was inserted inside the glove to aid insertion before being sealed, then a syphon system was used to inject the fluids which could be heard filling a jug right next to my plastic covered ear!. The jug, filled with a large potion of her warm pee, was immediately delivered to my rear end where Mistress proceeded to syphon her invention up my backside.

There were a few moments of damning and blasting when a leak was identified, but the problem was soon fixed and the glove was filling up nicely. It was a wonderful sensation having my bum inflated with warm nectar, slopping about inside me with each squeeze of her rubber hand pump, and eventually around 750ml was successfully inserted into the glove.

I feel really privileged that Mistress was able to use her own fluids to fill up my arsehole, but every really good experience comes to an end and quite a hilarious one on this occasion. After a couple more pumps the pressure of the inflated glove became too much and the glove and plug combination eased its way out of my ass one finger at at time, giving Maggie one helluva surprise!

The imagination and inventiveness of my Mistress appears to have no bounds, and as the glove slipped out I think Mistress Maggie was satisfied that her experiment had worked very well. Her slave had finally accepted a hand up the backside, giving me hope that it won’t be too long before I can actually accept Maggie's hand deep inside me.

My dear old nipples were also on the clinic agenda and as part of my nipple training it was necessary for my rubber nurse to apply suction to them. I have been trying to train my nipples myself between sessions, to make them more accessible for my Mistress. I think I may have made some good progress because Maggie did comment that they were both more prominent, but caught me totally unaware as she leant forward and bit my left one because it was still misbehaving. I was so surprised that I jumped, not due to the sensation of having Mistress nibble a nipple, call me a masochist but that was actually very pleasant, but by the sheer suddenness of the punishment it received.

I think I had pleased my Mistress today because as a finale I was allowed some time with her sounds. It was a glass one that slipped down my cock first followed by an eagerly accepted fancy urethral dilator.

I'd spent quite a lot of time fully hooded in one way or another and loved every minute of the experiences, in fact Mistress could hood me for the whole session in these ways and I would love it.

Of course, the only time my eyes were unglazed I had a real intimate view of Mistress Maggie's most private parts, but any slave knows 'look but don't touch’. In reality, because of the tension on the nose chain I got very little opportunity to look and actually concentrated on cleaning her boots while trying to sneak a peak at my beautiful Mistress.

And what about that carpet burn? - Well everything is fine now, though it took a good week to heal up. I find it most strange that I never noticed it at the time, but I think once or twice Maggie has referred to it as her magic carpet!

Friday, 5 April 2019

A History Lesson

Sometimes I wonder why Mistress Maggie puts up with such a simple soul. I was excited about a new pair of latex trousers I had recently bought for myself, and when I rang to confirm the appointment I was pleasantly surprised. Mistress told me to wear the trousers to arrive at the Chambers saying that she was looking forward to the fashion show where I would have chance to display my new garments to her. It didn’t sound too tricky, I know I am not an ideal fashion model but surely I could manage that. Hastily I packed my normal clothes and donned the trousers and a latex shirt ready for the enjoyable drive to see my owner.

The look and feel of the trousers certainly put a smile on my face as I sauntered between my car and the Chambers, but nowhere near as big a smile that erupted as Mistress opened the door, greeting me with a simply breathtaking sight. In her highest heels Mistress was standing tall, her beautifully shiny tights seeming to make her legs endless, but my broadest smile was elicited by the black latex teddy and waist nipper she was wearing accentuated by her radiant smile. She appeared pleased to see her humble and faithful servant and I was welcomed in.

Off with my coat Mistress moved her hands over my latex shirt and we had a mini fashion parade right there in her hallway, that broadened her smile even more. Then we wasted no time ascending to The Playroom where there was much more space. Mistress took a seat ready for the show and I was instructed to parade my new trousers and explain the many features and benefits of my new garments.

All I could muster was an inane comment about ‘how nice they feel’; nothing about their fit or style, nothing about the considerable number of pockets that were perfectly formed; nothing about the easy cleaning or functional zip incorporated in the garment, but just. 'They are nice to wear'. I am not surprised that Mistress was unamused by the show and probably verging on yawning. Sometimes I wonder about my suitability as a slave to my owner and frequently feel sorry for Mistress and relieved that my service hasn't been terminated.

Worship of Maggie's shoes went smoothly, partly due to their glossy patent surface. My tongue glided easily over them and it doesn't take long to cover the surface of both shoes. Meanwhile I listened in as Mistress verbally dished out hints and clues as to what was on today's agenda. Her instruction to ‘Pay good attention to my heels now slave’, interrupted her dialogue and had me quickly alter my position to tackle the task. Insertion into my rubber catsuit was swiftly achieved and I was soon having my hands bound with rope.

With my hands secured up to the ceiling ring there was no way out and anything could happen, maybe Mistress was intent on continuing my nipple training? But no, it was the unmistakeable noise of rustling plastic that gave her plan away and I quickly prepared for some challenging breathing. ‘This is a more reliable way of entertaining me slave’, she said as the plastic bag was pulled over my head, and indeed her beaming smile did reappear as my vision became misted. A second bag was put over the top and after some twisting at the neckline a securing clip was applied. Mistress moved around me although I could vaguely see her and all I could do was lessen my breaths until I could last no more, breathing so deeply that the plastic filled my mouth and I pleaded for air. Maggie waits until I am genuinely pleading before giving me what I most need, it is an intense experience and I am massively relieved when the air returns.

Perhaps today was the day Mistress gets rid of her slave? All it would take would be to leave the bags in place for a little longer. Maggie to smile that wonderful smile as my air runs slowly out and . . . fortunately not today.

After a few more very pleasant and breathless double bagging moments Maggie relented and retrieved the low padded bench, indicating for me to kneel lengthwise ready for some bum fun. ‘Slave, you need to be stretched for the new and interesting thrills I have waiting for you’, and before I knew it four large anal beads accompanied by lots of lube were disappearing eagerly into their cave – plup – plup – plup – plup –

While I wagged my tail and got used to the size of stuffing in my rear, Maggie put one of her larger strap-ons on and offered it to me for inspection, then disappearing behind me she began toying with my beads, pulling them out and pushing them home again until eventually they all plopped out and were put to one side.

Unfortunately, inserting the larger strap-on dildo didn't go quite so well. I had taken this strap-on before and although it initially slid home Mistress could tell by the noises I was making that it was uncomfortable and slid it right out again. Usually widening my legs allows easy access, but the narrow bench restricted my movement. The real problem was predominately down to my knees and how my considerable weight was resting on their wonkiest parts.

After a little chat Maggie decided that the treatments she had intended for my ass were best enjoyed on another day. Once again I had disappointed my Mistress and forced her to abandon that part of my training plan. Oh I do wish for better knees and to be able to satisfy my Mistress every time she wishes to gain rear entry, but despite a good dose of aromas, I let her down again.

An inarticulate response to the earlier question, plus a poor response to what should have been a very pleasant mount had me feeling an altogether rather pathetic slave, and I would have understood if that double plastic bagging had gone on and on . . .

Normally Maggie's lesson plans are innovative and unique. They may include reinforcing elements from earlier sessions but generally they are all refreshingly new. However, Mistress was keen to make part of the training a history lesson today. Not 1066 and all that but modern history, something her slave could directly relate to from a formative period of my life. To that end Maggie reminisced on a much earlier session that we had done together way back in November 2011, how I had been restrained to her chair with no chance of escape, my balls tethered to a broom handle below it. How I had been reduced to breathing through tubes and plunged into darkness beneath the sensual rubber sheet with my genitalia subjected to unstoppable electric sensations. Her idea was to set about replicating that little part of our history and I could vividly remember the scene she was speaking of.

I've been here before!
It could not be an exact replica as I had not even purchased my rubber catsuit at that time, but near enough. Mistress has redecorated the room during those intervening seven years, a gas mask and hose was used instead of nostril tubes giving me greater visibility, the poppers delivery is new, but all in all this was about the feeling of history. What is the same is my continued devotion to my perfect Mistress, in fact, that has changed and deepened in those seven years. My only aim now is to bring pleasure to Maggie and enjoy all my training.

Even the electrics have changed a little over time. Maggie is happier to ramp up the levels now that I am trained to to her personal liking, but the mechanism remains as I remember it. Mistress Maggie's throne hasn't changed. The hole in the centre is ideally placed for attaching tied up balls to the long broom handle as they were once again today. The bondage mitts drawing me forward against the tight leather restraints that kept me secured, probably more so than I was those seven years ago.

What didn't happen seven years ago was the method Mistress used to mock and manipulate my cock. Today she joked about it being mouselike by hiding in the hole. Actually that hole in the throne is quite large, but I must admit that all the downward pressure on my tightly roped balls does have the tendency to make my cock disappear. No amount of coaxing could tease the mouse out.

Maggie was doing a lot of rummaging inside the hole trying to find my mouselike cock, and when she did she caught it, immediately tagging it with a pair of handy electrodes and setting the stimulation levels sufficiently to have her slave jerking around.

Deja Vu!
A final inspection of her slave was completed before the lights went out. Checking out my breathing hose Mistress chose to extend it so it would not snag on my suit and cause sudden air loss. Mistress doesn't countenance accidental suffocation and her attention to safety hasn't changed in all the years I have known her, and once the second hose was attached she had absolute control over her slaves’ breathing.

And then it went black.

When I saw this image I recognised the familiar territory. It is amazing how the rubber sheet totally eliminated all light, as black as the depths of a coal mine, though a much more sensual place to be. As my time under the sheet went by my environment became warmer and filled up with the arousing rubber scent with only the sound of my breaths to keep my company. I knew my Mistress was in close proximity, I could neither see nor hear her but I could sense her presence.

Which is just as well because eventually I could feel my left hand starting with pins and needles then starting to go numb. Mistress always insists that her subjects report any discomfort, assesses the problem and where appropriate, as in this case, leaps in to sort it out. Oh I do wish that I had mentioned that wrist binding was a fraction tight when applied, but at the time I was just wanting to please.

I could have stayed in the dark forever had it not been for that useless wrist and once again I started wondering how Mistress tolerates such a decrepit specimen. And that is where the history lesson ended and that is how the perception of history can be changed through a small yet important change in the details.

I truly had no idea what Maggie’s intentions had been for her golden fluids, but following the abandonment of earlier plans when my wonky knees had curtailed my anal escapades, Mistress was left with an uncomfortably full bladder. Disappearing momentarily into the Clinic she returned with a steel bowl which conveniently fitted into the aperture on the seat of the bondage chair. There, right in front of me her crotch zip was opened, then looking me straight in my eyes her majesty sat down and released her long lasting stream of nectar into the bowl. The gentle tinkle as it caressed the stainless steel was magical and so was the flavour. The bowl and its fresh, warm contents were placed at Maggie's feet and with the merest of nod I knew exactly what was expected. I knelt forward to lap it up.

Maggie had been using me as a foot rest while I had been finishing up my drink and not a drop was wasted. Oh my, the taste of fresh Mistress is divine! Actually at last I think that may have pleased Mistress Maggie, because I was ordered to roll over like a good dog and out came the Hitachi wand complete with a nobbly cock sleeve. Mistress played with her dog with great gusto, imposing her will for one final time in this most rewarding of history lessons by forcing an orgasm from her slave.

A happy yet messy conclusion for this little mouse? dog? slave!

Friday, 22 March 2019

Open... Wider!

The blog title has nothing whatsoever to do with the size of my butt-plugged ass, although I suspect that may happen in the future, but more to do with Mistress Maggie's new dental drill! I had been instructed to bring my red rubber apparel to the session, but to get started Mistress wanted me almost naked and sent me off to the bathroom telling me to return in my rubber socks and gloves.

The red rubber theme continued as Maggie reached into the drawer and pulled out a nice red latex hood and proceeded to zip me into it. The only other garments chosen for me were a leather chest harness and a pair of knee pads.

‘Onto the bed now slave, on your back with arms and legs wide’. It can be a wonderful feeling being strapped to the bed corners. Maggie has to lean right over to get my right hand cuffed and just as I had imagined it wasn’t too long before she did exactly that, coming in so close I could feel her warmth and smell that lovely rubbery scent emanating from her lithe body. It is one hell of a way for a slave to be gently captivated and the feelings were intensified as Mistress decided that my cock needed to join the red revolution; wound and bound it was tethered to the bed too.

It started to make more sense now why I was trussed to the bed in such a manner. Always true to her word, Mistress was to continue my nipple training and could do without her slave squirming too much as she attached the screw clamps.

Surprisingly for once, my left nipple behaved itself, allowing both clamps to be attached relatively easily and stay put. That is not to say they weren’t painful, in fact they were very painful, but by gazing at my very beautiful Mistress I was able to begin mastering the pain, turning it into a dull ache and telling myself that these nipple clamps were what she wanted, a way of making my poor nipples more pert and pleasing for her and simply a part of my training.

Mistress instructed me to get off the bed and on to my padded knees ready for a jaunt around the Playroom. ‘Hanging clamps will stretch those nipples and give them a far better workout’, she said with a smile.

Once again I rode with the pain as the reoriented clamps bit in harder, but I was coping well even when Mistress attached a lead and gave the nipple chain a little tug. The red hood was quickly changed for a black one with perforated eyes and protruding tubes at nose and mouth, which I did a good job of grunting through once the real nipple exercises began!

First, the missing butt-plug. Of course every grunting pig slave needs one and it was easily inserted, but only after I had been walked on all fours to retrieve it. A weight was then added to the chain and a few sprints round the Playroom had Mistress urging me to go faster on all fours and occasionally cropping my buttocks as encouragement.

Round and round, one end to the other, faster and faster until the right clamp finally gave up the ghost and slipped to the floor. By this time Mistress was satisfied I had passed that little test and moved the session forward by fitting me into my red catsuit. At last, fully rubbered for my Mistress, and then into the Clinic.

In no time Maggie had me comfortably secured to her operating chair. From there I heard her explanation as to what was about to happen, how I was well overdue another dental examination, which would be conducted and any necessary treatments completed by herself, but only after I had received a suitable dose of anaesthetic.

Mistress, in her charcoal operating coat donned a surgical mask and bringing out a pair of goggles insisted I wore them in preparation for the dentistry. She attached me to the Gas Station and adjusted the valves to get the aroma vapour flowing, then pressing the smooth textured anaesthesia mask over my mouth she soothed her patient with that incredibly sexy voice that she can conjure up at just the right moment. ‘Deep breaths when I say so slave’. 

Although I have worn these googles before they still create a very strange sensation. The normally bright Clinic lights take on a much more subdued green hue, and as I became quietly subdued my Mistress appeared to have a green halo and I was definitely ready for my check up.

An assortment of dental instruments were laid out on Dentist Mistress Maggie’s trolley; mirror, descaling instruments, amalgam applicator etc. I expected all of them would be used to dig and poke at me at some point, however it was an evil looking metal gag that was brought out first. As the Jennings gag was secured I am sure at the back of my mind that I heard the tinkle of laughter, not my Mistresses but some other lady in the far distance, laughing. The green goggles combined with a dose or two of really good aromas was clearly producing the strangest effects on the mind of her dental patient . . . .

Open wide... Wider!
Mistress engaged in that idle chatter that many dentists employ. A running description of what was happening and then the questions that are impossible to answer with your mouth forced wide open. Like - ‘Did your previous dentist use one of these Jennings torture devices?’ and ‘When did you last see your dentist?’

Also just like your typical dentist, Maggie seemed to understand the almost incoherent noises I was able to make, although when I quipped ‘I bite if you hurt me!’ I must not have spoken clearly enough, because Maggie’s worrying response was. ‘Ah slave, four cavities require my attention’.

Thank goodness for the rubber bib. The Jennings gag does a fine job of keeping your mouth open and preventing you swallow. One minute Maggie was working around my teeth with a tool and a mirror, the next minute my mouth tasted very minty, there was no way I could spit and I could feel the dribbles coming on.

The gag eventually came out and I could just manage to swallow before cotton pads were stuffed behind my gums and Dentist Maggie recommended more intake of her special anaesthetic.

Things started to get a little too real as Maggie moved round to my left, plugged in her drill and dived into my mouth.

I really did believe Maggie was drilling my teeth. That all too familiar sound that vibrates through your skull as the dentist touches teeth. A quiet hum then a mind blowing sound massively magnified. You feel like screaming but that is dangerous with a live drill whirring away. Maggie’s gloved hands manipulated a retractor, making way for her drill to access the offending teeth. My bottom teeth were targeted first, something more to help with the pain, then on to the top set.

‘That's it slave. All done’. And all that remained was to complete the filling. ‘Oh no’, she jinxed. ‘I’m leaving your cavities open’. A final clean up job with the suction hose and her top class dentistry was complete.

It sounds rather odd, but because Mistress was happy I was never worried about what she was doing with my teeth and gums. What I do know is that I had arranged a tooth hurty appointment and if that was how Maggie wanted to deal with her slave’s problem then I accept that. And also strange, my unfilled cavities didn't hurt at all! 

Maggie peeled back my dental bib and spent a little time on my nipples, making full sadistic use of their slightly increased size and teasing me with other things she might like to do with the dental implements she had used today.

The dental bib was rolled down a little more and my Dentists’ attention was now focussing on my cock. Taking it in her gloved hands I was told that it would look much nicer with her suction tube inserted in it and she went off to see if she could find where she had put it.

Despite the threat of sticking the suction tube up my cock, I knew it was that long sound that was making the journey and felt the results of its cool steel bumps being gently guided down my pee hole. Well lubed, my cock seemed to just suck it in. Mistress guided it, but my internal muscles just pulled and pulled. All the time Maggie was really milking me and enhanced by some very seductive talk, Mistress literally milked her slave whilst the sound was still in place. Never have I been so excited by a visit to the dentist, and although I did try to alert her it was no use and I just exploded.

As for the dentistry, Mistress Maggie whispered in my ear that it was a very good role play. The drill had not touched my teeth, the drilling sound was created by vibration on the metal probe, the amalgam was spearmint flavoured toothpaste and of course she wouldn't shove an unsterilised anything down my cock.

I have to admit the aromas and green goggles can play strange things with a slaves mind and during the operation I thought if Mistress Maggie wants this then I'm happy.

Hmm I wonder? Should I book another 2.30 appointment?

WARNING: This 3.40 minute clip of dental roleplay has audio -